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Meet the runner - Carmen Sanchez Toribio

I am a student. I did 3 years of biology at the University of Manchester but because of I have now changed my career path and am a bilingual primary education student at the Complutense University of Madrid. Over the past 5 years I have run for 5 different running clubs: Winchester and District AC, Manchester Sale harriers, University of Manchester, Las ardillas del Escorial, and the Assocaition Deportiva Maratón. I’ve been coached by different people at each club.

I began running seriously in 2011, after winning the cross-country schools championship from the area. A well-known athletics club for children contacted my parents to invite me and my sister to join them, so we did.

I have been injured for a long time, so I decided to completely rest to fully recover. I’ve been doing that since mid-December. My last race was a 10km in November.

In full training I do 2 days of short reps, 3 days of longer runs and 1 day of racing or a longer run. I have one rest day each week.

My favourite runs involve long runs in the forest or hills.

In Spain we haven’t been able to do any sort of outdoor sport until recently because of the pandemic, but because I’ve been resting I’ve just been walking my dog whenever I could (the only activity allowed).

My best race was representing Spain at the European cross-country championships.

Two years ago, in my worst ever race, I ran the same race that had previously qualified me for the Europeans in 2015. However, this was my first race after a long time off and my legs felt weak and hurt. I think I finished last or close to last. I did learnt never to give up. And that we must all start somewhere.

My favourite book is Born to Run by Christopher McDougall.

I think I lost my running mojo a few years ago and I’m still scared of never getting it back to the same degree.

I am a very healthy eater, sometimes too strict, but I don't take any supplements.

My advice about running is to enjoy it and listen to your body. Running for me is a lifestyle.

To help with injuries I do lots of walking, stairs, hill climbing and other strengthening exercises.

You can find Carmen @borntoruncarmen on Instagram.

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