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A few weeks of ups and downs. Overall, with lockdown, it's felt a bit meh. Like I'm treading water waiting for life to begin again. It's easy to let each day swim into the next - get up in the dark, walk the dog in the dark, go to work and come home, run in the dark, dinner, bed etc. We've punctuated the evenings with some great TV - I'm late to the party but 'The Last Dance' has been amazing on Netflix as has The Crown - but it's felt sad that good TV has been a highlight.

Monday 9th November

I ran in the morning before work for approx 40 minutes with some strides at the end. It feels good to start the week off with a run - up and at 'em.

Andy's S&C session with WADAC on Zoom- always tough but fun.

Tuesday 10th

30 minute recovery run in the morning

In the evening I did a session with my lovely clubmate Jo. The session was supposed to be 3 x 5 mins followed by 5 x 30 seconds but Jo was a little late out of work so I started myself and then we both added a bonus one on at the end. Reasonably pleased but find it hard to run fast in the dark - I think my body slows me down as you're working hard to stabilise yourself in the dark. That's my excuse anyway!

Wednesday 11th

70 minutes easy before work.

Thursday 12th

Very late finish last night at work so I was thankful for a rest day.

Friday 13th

In the morning I did a session which included 5 x 5 mins at threshold. Felt OK.

PT mid morning afterwards

Recovery run in the evening with my friend Ellie. We did a little tour of Winchester and had a chat.

Saturday 14th

Easy hour run with my friend Dani

Sunday 15th

Legs felt tired today! Think Friday's PT session has caught up with me. 90 minutes with the final 30 at a steadier pace. A hilly route up Dean Lane and Teg Down Meads - one of my favourites. I finished this week and realised for the first time in a long time I'd managed all the runs and on the days they were set. Felt like a triumph!

Going into this week I knew I was perhaps a bit tired as I'd written that my aims were to get the main sessions done and avoid getting sick....

Monday 16th

My aim was a double run and to make Andy's S&C session on Zoom. A bit ambitious! In reality I hadn't much sleep as my husband who is a frequent sleepwalker spent much of the night waking me up by frantically searching in his various dreams. I woke up exhausted! Canned the first run of the day in favour of a walk with my dog instead and didn't make the S&C session either in the evening.

I did run for 50 minutes in the evening so 1 out of 3!

Tuesday 17th

Managed a double today - just over 40 minutes in the morning.

In the evening I met Ellie to do 14 x 30 second hills - really tough but really fun and amazing to have company. Overall I ran for an hour in the evening with warm up and cool down.

Wednesday 18th

Pushed pretty hard in the end for a 45 minute steady run - I feel like my Garmin takes ages to realise I'm not running at my easy pace. Pleased but perhaps a bit too hard - hit 196 bpm according to my Garmin!

Thursday 19th

Very late finish at work last night so moved my rest day to today.

Friday 20th

The aim was 70 minutes with 20 over a rolling route and running hard - I love the route up Dean Lane and round a loop in Sparsholt. Really enjoyed today.

PT for an hour afterwards with Tom Smith.

Picked up my husband from hospital in the afternoon - he fractured his collarbone in 2016 and had the plate then out today.

On call from 6pm but thankfully didn't have to go in.

Saturday 21st

Session today - 5/4/3/2/1 off 90 seconds. Did this with my friend Ellie and was really pleased - started pretty hard and managed to bring the split down a little bit for each rep.

Recovery run in the evening with my friend Dani for 30 minutes.

We had just finished and were standing chatting outside my house when I got called to work. I was starving so wolfed a mug of cereal and ate some Percy Pigs on the way. At work I felt a bit light headed but assumed I was hungry. By the time I got home again I had some neck pain and the start of a headache.

Sunday 22nd

Blinding headache today and nausea. Slept pretty much the entire day. Thankfully didn't have to go to work. No running.

Monday 23rd

Headache slightly better this morning and no other symptoms. Dragged myself to work with painkillers and although I felt foggy and slow I managed a full day of work. Home for an early bedtime but my heart was racing so really struggled to get off to sleep. No running. Spoke to my coach who advised no running until I'm feeling ok again.

Tuesday 24th

Headache has moved to the front of my head this morning but still there. Today was tough at work - really busy and I struggled all day to keep up. Alternated paracetamol and ibuprofen to get me through. By the afternoon it had improved and I only had pain behind one eye. No running. Perhaps a migraine? I've never had anything similar before.

Wednesday 25th

No headache today! Woohoo! Walked my dog with my friend Gemma and her dog, Percy, and managed a run before work. Only 30ish minutes but just what I needed.

Thursday 26th

Late finish last night so a struggle to get up today. Last day at work for a week though so can't complain. We were supposed to be in Ibiza this weekend racing with friends and then having a break. That got cancelled and we booked a cottage in Northumberland. Then lockdown 2 happened so we're at home this week.

Ran some easy miles with my friend Dani after work before a large glass of wine while we caught up on Bake Off.

Friday 27th

Ran to and from my PT session this morning. Great session - mobility, drills and weights.

Spent the rest of the day catching up on admin, walking the dog etc before an easy run with my friend Dani.

Looking forward to a few days off to read books, drink coffee and sleep.

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