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Not my usual run-down of training I'm afraid. Since my last post, my nausea has continued (2 months and counting) so a lot of investigations have followed - faecal samples, blood tests, upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and a sigmoidoscopy. I'm currently on 4 different daily medications which I would say have reduced my nausea overall but I still feel sick most days. Mornings are worst generally but it does seem a bit random. I have good days and bad days and overall I'm trying to 'get on with it' aka going to work, trying to run and see friends and family. The medications are a mixture of gastro-protectants (to protect my gut lining), pro-motility agents (to keep my guts moving along) and anti-nausea drugs (they do what they say on the tin!). The diagnosis so far has been 'functional dyspepsia' which basically means that I seem to have dysfunction of my gastrointestinal tract but without an obvious cause.

I'm *starting* to think about trying to get back to a normal running routine or at least I was before I got the #worstcoldever! I'm sure it's not actually the worst cold ever but since I haven't had one for approximately two years it really has knocked me for six. I'm starting to feel better though and thankfully haven't had covid (I lost my sense of smell for a few days). I have tried hard to keep up with my S&C during the last couple of months. Pre-cold I'd made some real progress - really important mentally for me when running has just been ticking over.

I'll leave you with my new favourite jazzy jacket (Boden Kids, in case anyone is interested) and the #bestslippersever.

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