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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I said I'd write about my training on the blog and today is a rest day from running it feels like a good time to start. I hope it's not too boring! I'm coached by Tom Craggs (I'll post a link at the bottom to his website, FastRunning, where there are lots of amazing articles) and I also normally train once a week with Dave Vosser's group at Winchester and District AC. My primary goal is the Anglo Celtic Plate 100k race in September. It's my first race in a Northern Ireland vest so I'm pretty excited! At the moment that's 20 weeks away (it has been rearranged since coronavirus) so the aim is to maintain fitness and continue to build endurance.

I've been trying to do a bit more consistent strength work and core stability exercises most days. I've got a 10kg kettle bell, some therabands and two 5kg dumbbells so that's all that's available for any strength work I do. Previously I used to do a personal training session in a gym every week with Josh Whitta (again I'll link at the bottom) but sadly he moved to Australia. The sessions I have been doing are mostly from Tom Craggs (some great videos on his YouTube channel) and also some from the Holly Rush/Pete Stables strength plan. On the other days I've used Anna Jenkins' online pilates videos.

I've had some days where I've felt pretty terrible - unmotivated and lethargic. Normally I have a very busy job so my training fits into quite a tight time slot with no room for faffing around and no time to think about my runs. I'm on furlough for three weeks so with all the extra time I seem to find lots of things to do before running (I'm enjoying a regular second breakfast!) and before I know it the morning has gone.

My last non-running day was Friday, April 24th so I'll start from then. Every session that's mentioned has a warm up and cool down.

Friday 24th: No running, 15 minutes core stability (banded side walks, single leg hip thrusts, side plank and superman).

Saturday 25th: 5k time trial (this didn't go as well as I would have liked - I ran 20.04, a time I should be able to run fairly easily!). Weights and core in the afternoon (squats, single leg deadlifts, reverse lunges, Romanian deadlifts).

Sunday 26th: 90 minutes over a hilly route.

Monday 27th: 70 minutes easy, conditioning circuits in the garden with my husband (single leg squats, press ups, lunges, crunches etc).

Tuesday 28th: 4 x 8 minutes (reps 1 and 3 hilly, 2 and 4 flat).

Wednesday 29th: Easy 60 followed by some online pilates and core stability work.

Thursday 30th: 60 minutes with 12 x 100m hard, 100m jog; online pilates and stretch after.

Friday 1st May: 50 minutes recovery run; 30 minutes of weights after (press, dumbbell bench press, single arm row)

Saturday 2nd: 10 x 1 min on, 1 min off followed by a 20 minute tempo, 30 minutes S&C (squats, Romanian deadlifts, hip thrusts).

Sunday 3rd: Pre-breakfast long run of 2 hours

Monday 4th: Recovery run (60 minutes) with strides; core stability afterwards (plank, side plank, V sit, superman, crunches) and an online mobility session with Team Vosser.

Tuesday 5th: 5 minute tempo followed by 5 x 2.5 minutes on, 2 mins off; 30 minutes strength (pallof press with bands, squats, knee drive banded, glute bridges, overhead press).

Wednesday 6th: 75 minute easy run.

Thursday 7th: rest; core stability (banded walk, hip thrusts, side plank, superman).

Tom Craggs can be found at or @ThomasCraggs. Holly and Pete's strength programme is available from Josh is on Instagram @joshwhitta. Anna Jenkins has loads of Pilates videos at

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