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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

Woohoo! A week off work! We're off to the Cotswolds for dog walks, pub lunches and sleep. Lots of sleep. I'm afraid this entry is a bit bare - I feel like I haven't managed to do much except work, eat, sleep and the occasional bit of running.

My last entry was on the Friday of a week off running. I was really hoping to come back fresh and motivated. Instead, I have felt pretty tired and my left hip is also a bit niggly and uncomfortable. Hoping some time off work and 8 hours+ every night of sleep this week will put it right.

Saturday 3rd

Tired and unmotivated. That's what I wrote in my training diary. I had the option to run today but didn't.

Sunday 4th

Tired again today. Did a 30 minute run which, according to my notes, felt bad and niggly.

Monday 5th

I had a run scheduled today and a circuits class. Didn't make either - late home from work.

Tuesday 6th

50 minute run before work. I was on call overnight so had a slightly later start. Felt rusty, like I've just started running!

Wednesday 7th

45 minutes easy. Niggly left glute and hamstring.

Thursday 8th

Session with Dave Vosser's group. Didn't look at my watch or use the lap counter for the reps. After a warm up we did 8 x 90 seconds followed by 8 x 80 seconds on a grass loop. I genuinely enjoy training with others so much more than on my own. The Vosser group is great.

Friday 9th

PT with Tom Smith in the morning and then 5 miles afterwards. Really sore after my PT session but felt good to be back in the gym. I always come away feeling like I've progressed.

Saturday 10th

Run with my friend Dani. Felt a bit better today. On call this weekend so just did a loop round Winchester.

Sunday 11th

Called into work in the morning but was out by 5pm so managed some easy miles.

Monday 12th

Took an annual leave day today. I ran to and from a PT session with Tom Smith. In the evening I did a strength and conditioning session with Andy Parkinson using bands. Felt better today generally. Late dinner with two lovely friends.

Tuesday 13th

Late home from work so made it to training by the skin of my teeth. Dave Vosser's group - we did 3 x 5 mins and 3 x 2.5 mins. Minimal warm up so had a minor quad pull. Worth it to train with the group. Felt better as the session went on.

Wednesday 14th

Early run before work. Feeling very tired.

Thursday 15th

Shocker of a day at work. Home too late for training. We had friends come for dinner later in the evening - laughed until my jaw hurt. Several glasses of wine made everything seem a bit rosier.

Friday 16th

Ran with my friend Dani for 45 minutes.

Saturday 17th

Session at Farley Mount - 4 x 6.5 minutes over a very hilly course with a warm up and cool down. Tough! Felt great after.

Sunday 18th

Plod for almost 10 miles over mostly hilly trail. Listened to the 'How to Fail' podcast.

Monday 19th

Ran early before work - just under 50 minutes. My 5.30am alarm is hard to hear but I laid my kit out with a head torch so didn't have an excuse. Out of work on time too so managed to make Andy's S&C session.

Tuesday 20th

Out of work on time again. Winner! Made it to the Team Vosser session and warmed up. We did 4 x 3 mins and 2 x 5 mins. Tough session and hip a bit sore at the start but improved.

Wednesday 21st

50 minute run before work with my friend Dani. A bit slow and a random, spontaneous route but good chat, as always. On call tonight.

Thursday 22nd

Missed training as out of work late so today was a rest day. Also tired - 10pm finish the night before. Probably a good thing I did miss training.

Friday 23rd

PT with Tom Smith in the morning. Felt good today. Some of my drills are really improving.

Hip still niggling.

Run in afternoon with Dani - 50 minutes with 10 x 200m fast, jog recovery. We did these on a flat section - really fun although Dani kept trying to convince me we had done one more rep than we had. Sneaky!

Had my hair cut and dyed today. There is something so nice about being somewhere where the sole purpose is to sit still with a book while someone cuts your hair. Felt like a new person afterwards.

Physiotherapy appointment in the evening. Perhaps a bit disappointed. Minimal treatment and the physio seemed totally exhausted. Will endeavour to do more glute exercises.

Saturday 24th

Ran to Farley Mount and we then ran a grass loop for 0.5 miles, 3 x 1 mile and 0.5 miles off 2 minutes recovery. Team Vosser session. A good one but a toughie.

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