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Updated: Nov 8, 2020

I'll start from where I left off on the last post. I've had a good 10 days of training after feeling quite sub-par for the last few weeks. Today, Monday 18th May, is a rest day so I'm using the time to catch up on work and chill in the garden with our dog. When it's sunny he just wants to sunbathe all day.

Friday 8th May: 75 mins with 7 x 5 min intervals (60 sec rest); 20 mins S&C after

Saturday 9th May: 50 mins easy + 40 mins S&C

Sunday 10th May:135 min long run; found a tree for some banded pull ups in the afternoon!

Monday 11th May: Easy 60 with strides at the end; 25 minutes conditioning circus and a mobility class with Team Vosser on Zoom

Tuesday 12th May: 65 mins total with 5 minute tempo, 12 x 75 seconds hard, 60 sec jog; 30 mins S&C

Wednesday 13th May: 40 mins easy AM and PM

Thursday 14th May: 45 mins easy

Friday 15th May: 90 mins easy along the ridgeway; 30 mins core in evening

Saturday 16th May:2 hours total with 4 x 8 mins continuous hills (2 min jog)

Sunday 17th May: 75 minute time trial - I did this around Dorney Lake early in the morning. 1 mile warm up, 2 miles cool down to and from the car.

I'm really thankful that the rules for exercise have eased. It's made it possible for me to walk the dog with my husband rather than rationing out dog walks, walking alone and generally avoiding leaving the house. We live close to St. Catherine's Hill so are lucky to be able to have our dog off lead for the vast majority of the time. Walking the dog seems to help me recover from running too - he's quite happy if we bumble along slowly and watch the world go by.

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